is a cloud-based email marketing platform created in an international collaboration.

23 freelance specialists from 6 countries have jointly brought to life. Now all the small and medium-sized companies and retail stores all over the world can send out e-mail campaigns and get new paying customers - completely without IT knowledge and from 2 cents per. customer. is available in English, German and Danish and during 2021 the user interface will be launched in Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Spanish.

Developed by specialists from 6 countries is created in a collaboration between 23 specialists from around the world!

Also thanks to all providers of tools, distribution platforms and hosting:
In these "COVID times", all consumers have changed their behavior and online shopping has exploded. All industries - B2C and B2B - must think digitally and be visible where consumers are looking and searching.

In that light, has come into the world and in express time. 23 specialists, from 6 countries have each put their fingerprints and we have jointly created a platform that allows small and medium-sized businesses and businesses to take advantage of the many benefits of email marketing.
We help with disruption!
Subscriptions to can only be purchased and ordered online.

Development and support:
Danske F P Disruption ApS is behind the development and management of the many international specialists.

F P Disruption started in 2018 as an investment company within disruption, within various industries. It is still about disruption but now with a more active, innovative and agile approach.

Online and email support is provided via our international helpdesk located in Ireland. Danish, German, English and French language staff respond here.
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