The great thing about the affiliate program in is that it creates many more common satisfied customers!

The user of gets many new paying customers, the partner gets either satisfied members in its chain or satisfied customers who are constantly ordering help to get even more out of their subscription. That's why our partnerships are win-win - everyone gets something out of the collaboration!

We are "world champions" in partnerships and know that cooperation pays off!

The fantastic collaborations we already have, with shop and auto sale and repair chains, are mainly about expanded help and investigation of local campaigns. In other words, each member of the chain can draw on our expertise for setting up campaigns, etc.
Are you a member of a chain?

We are proud when we are recommended by a marketing or advertising agency. The partners we already have in the advertising industry have found an exciting niche in the design and production of html templates for their au2mailer customers.
Are you an agency or consultant? is created in a large international collaboration and we really want to grow and become even better with more!

Distribution in new market?
If you see opportunities in managing distribution and support in a new market? - so do not hold back.
We intend to create disruption for customers in very many countries but we cannot start all countries at once.
Before applying for a partnership, you should know that discounts require a commitment to a very large number of subscriptions. Very large! We see more collaboration as win-win - the members of the chain get something exclusive due to the collaboration and thereby greater benefits or the agency's customers get access to a platform that provides more response and the agency as a result receives orders for the production of new personal html templates - win -win !. If you want to start a dialogue about partnership, send an email. We will be back seriously soon. P.S Inquiries should be written in English, German or Danish.
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