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Do you remember to ask customers for their rating of your products and services and can new customers easily read what others think? Review Marketing is the key to the online consumer of the future and here's the recipe!

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It is no longer from the crystal ball but hard facts: Online shopping grew 20% during Covid-19 and the expectations we had for the behavior of the next consumer generations have become present. Consumers are online but will not be fooled and therefore they research a potential supplier's reputation before ordering. More than ever before.

Customer ratings are often given in the form of stars from one to five and the three best known are still the stars from Google, trustpilot and Facebook. FB has placed restrictions on the Review function and trustpilot is described by many as a relatively expensive solution. Google MyBusiness is free.

The review management module in au2mailer is developed for you with a company in the sme segment, which will start with customer reviews that appear in the Google search result, on your website and which are easy to maintain. Keep it simple is the philosophy and therefore the module has become popular in record time.

Step 1:
Create a new page on your website. Insert a form with 3 fields or an iframe that links to au2mailer's finished script. Now you have a new page where your customers can submit their ratings and they are automatically saved in au2mailer. A tip is to insert a link to the page at the bottom of your invoices or ensure that customers who receive an invoice also receive an email with 'hope you will give your experience some stars...'

Step 2:
Create another new page on your website where you insert an iframe that links to the Review carousel from au2mailer. You will find the link under "My data". A good tip is to make good h1 texts, a good title, metadescriptions and insert the Review script as described in the next section. Now you can display your ratings on your website.

Step 3:
Which of your web pages have nice rankings (pages 1-3) in Google's search results?
Which sites offer booking, order, etc.?
Which page has interesting information, tips and tricks?
These pages are the most important to show reviews on but we recommend making it a standard on all new pages. In the header
- on the pages - the Review script from au2mailer must be inserted. You will find the finished script with your subscription apikey under "My data". Now Google can see that you want to show the ratings. One tip is to ask Google to re-index your website via the Google search console. Hereby you can expect Google to do so within 8-14 days.
What does Google's search result look like with the script? (see the result for CarMagic!)

Now your customers can submit new ratings and they will appear on your website and soon on Google. Now we need to create the ratings you already have from Google, trustpilot and social media. You do this in au2mailer under "Customer reviews". Tips in this regard are to count those you already have together:
For example, Google 43 votes average 4.2,
Facebook 23 votes average 4.4
Trustpilot 5 votes avg 4.
In au2mailer you click on "Add new", select source (Google or Facebook or trustpilot or...) in "number" you enter the number of votes and in "rating you type avg. rating and click save.

Now you are up and running and when Google is ready, the script from step 3 will accumulate the ratings based on the entries.

The ratings your customers create on your website are updated automatically. New assessments from social media and trustpilot You must enter and maintain / update in au2mailer.

Important: if Google last read your pages on 23.10.2020 and today is May 20, 2021, then the count of 23.10 is still displayed. This delay can be avoided if, for example, you request reindexing via the Google search console once a month.

Hope this article has encouraged you to get started with review marketing through

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