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Here is the recipe for how to get your own blog on a windows server and you can start and be online within 30 minutes. You choose whether it should be hosted or on your own website!

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If you - like me - have had a hard time finding a blog system that can be used on a windows web server, then you will love this article!

One is the very limited range of blogs that can run windows, those that are in the market require installation on the server. Therefore, in 2020 we decided to offer a blog via and the requirements were:

       - it should be so easy to blog that EVERYONE can find out
       - it should be quick to get started - preferably in less than 30 minutes

In March 2021, we launched the blog module and the requirements are met. is used to maintain and create the articles and you can decide for yourself whether the blog should be hosted on or you want the pages on your own website and web server. If you choose the hosted blog, then you can start blogging in less than 10 minutes - yes you read right! Start your subscription, create one or more blog categories and write an article. When you click publish it is online.

If you want your blog pages on your own website and web server, you can just create two new pages. A page for the blog overview and a page for displaying the articles. You can easily build your own pages via the APIs or Iframes that makes available and therefore the blog on your own website can get online very quickly. has three APIs:
parameter:? apikey = your-subscription-apikey
Returns a json formatted list of blog categories.

parameter:? apikey = your-subscription-apikey
parameter option: sqlwhere (where sqlwhere is the category number, if this parameter is passed with, the list will only return the blogs that belong to apikey and belong to the category. the value is the one returned from Id in the category list.)
Returns a json formatted list of blogs.

parameter:? apikey = apikey on the blog article (the one returned from a2m-getblog-list.asp api as apikey)
Returns a json formatted list with the current blog. has three scripts you can use in Iframes:
it shows an overview of blog categories

It displays a blog overview in an Iframe

It shows a concrete blog article

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