is the online marketing platform, which enables the undertaker business and the funeral business to be online as well as market themselves in a respectful way and yet create online results.

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Yes - an undertaker and funeral business must also be visible online!

Funerals are only associated with grief and it places special demands on a respectful online marketing!

Most people choose an undertaker they have been recommended or found online and here they search for security, quality and price in the order mentioned.

Therefore, the undertaker and the funeral home do not need the same online marketing as most other industries. The most important thing is to create security and therefore the profitable online marketing starts already in the search result on the search engines.
The customers in a funeral home are relatives, most are in deep grief and most "buy" only once!
many starts their search for funeral assistance online
Review stars in searchresults gives trust
How do the undertaker and the funeral home get the most out of online marketing?

The website is the central "showcase", which should signal respect for the "customer's" situation, provide security and make it easy to make the contact that is necessary to move forward.

Customer reviews on the website are incredibly important because they help to provide the necessary security. But the "customers" do not start on the website, they have to be led in there and this usually happens via one of the search engines - therefore the customer reviews must also be displayed in the search results.
The review marketing module in Au2Mailer makes it easy to collect customer reviews and display them on the website and in the search results. Make or have a page made where you can enter your rating (it is easy via the included tools) and paste the special code (you also get) on all the website pages once and wupti now the customer reviews are visible on the website and on the search engines . And reviews from website, Google, Facebook and Trustpilot are automatically accumulated and updated on both the website and the search engines. Much more efficient and profitable than Google My Business!
the searchengines love blog articles
Can a blog on the website contribute to the online marketing of a funeral home and funeral home?

The answer is yes - but the layout and layout must be carefully adapted and send the same respectful signal as the website. The blog is great for story telling and the search engines love it. And then it is much easier to write via a blog than to create new websites via a CMS system.

Anyone can write a blog article - it seems harder to create new pages via the CMS system? Smart Blogging with Au2Mailer is easy. Write the article, select title, headline, keywords and click publish. Now the article is online and helps to increase the visibility of the search engines.

It's easy to get started - whether you want to host the blog on Au2Mailer or have it as part of your own website - much easier than via various CMS systems. Finished scripts are included, which means that only two new pages need to be created in your CMS system. One that shows an overview and one that shows the blog articles.

You can read a lot more about Smart Blogging and how it is set up and best of all - a subscription costs only $ 15.60 a month no matter how many blog articles you write!
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