And that’s why we “give gas” when it comes to guidance and support. The online help in consists of hundreds of well-written and well-documented support articles, which provide answers to most things, explain contexts and can guide. You will find guides that provide great help in the beginning, where the various settings must be defined and your campaign templates must be selected.
Should you need more personal guidance or have a question, use the support function, where you can create a support ticket, ask questions and get answers within 24 hours on all weekdays.

It means everything to us that you succeed with your email marketing ...

Of course with
English support

An subscription includes free email support and comprehensive online help! screenshot creation support ticket
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The comprehensive and easy-to-use online help at gives you the answers to most things. "How is the relationship between customers and the campaigns?" or "How do I maintain customer data via email?". Find the answer quickly in the many well-written support articles, which of course have been translated into Danish and are supplemented by screenshots and tips.
Your subscription includes free email support. Then you get a question that you can not find answers to among the articles or need guidance or personal advice, then start a support ticket online.

Helpdesk responds within 24 hours on all weekdays and of course in English!
If you are looking for further help ...
Lots of online support articles ...
Do you have questions before you decide? so go ahead!
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