Leave the time-consuming and systematic aspects of email marketing to the Au2Mailer Robot!

You never get enough time - and it goes, whether you want to or not! Yesterday is suddenly past and before we know it, the future has become present. In an effective email marketing strategy, we need to have the time to work for us and it happens with good preparation. If the marketing strategy includes quarterly newsletters and monthly offers, then consider from the start which offers are to be sent out in each individual month and inspiration can be found, for example, in the seasons. The strategic you have to decide and enter in Au2mailer, after which the robot takes over and makes sure to check which campaigns are to be broadcast when and ensure that they come out.

The travel business, real estate agents and the big retail chains are successful with email marketing - why?

Because they have defined goals for their online marketing!
Here you will find help to define your online goals!
Examples of online marketing goals:
The automotive industry wish to:
- Have multiple subscription customers
- Have more customers who book online.
- Be more visible online.

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The vet wish to:
- Attract more of the many new pet owners.
- Make the clinic more visible on the internet.
- Reactivate as many lost customers as possible.

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The lawyer wish to:
- Maintain closer contact with current clients.
- Be more visible online for those needing a lawyer.
- Offer online legal advice.

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The retail and specialty store wish to:
- Establish a customer club.
- Maintain better contact with customers.
- Start online sales - that is, an online store.

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How email marketing can fulfill all your wishes:
Email marketing is best when customers need to be retained as well as buy more and when old customers need to be reactivated!

When the travel companies send offer emails every week with travel offers or the supermarket chain sends their offer newspaper per. email, then it is because it maintains contact with current customers and increases the chance to resell or buy even more. At the same time, there is no censorship of what you offer or the length of text - no censorship as on social media and therefore e-mail marketing is profitable when the contact must be maintained and old customers must be reactivated!
find det rigtige mix af oplysning og tilbud så kunderne beholder læselysten og fastholdes
e-mail marketing skaber flere betalende kunder gennem linkbuilding
E-mail can link to subpages, booking, order, read more pages - only the imagination sets limits!

Again, there is no censorship - you want to link to a subpage on your website or the booking system, your own blog, an article on a completely different website - everything is possible in emails and you choose whether emails should be text, like the ones we send from Outlook and Gmail or html. You can do it all in A2Mailer.com and thus create all kinds of online traffic.
The e-mail marketing strategy can be, for example:

- 4 annual e-mail campaigns with news, tips, tricks and current offers,
- welcome e-mail to those who sign up for the newsletter and
- a teaser e-mail when you create new articles in the blog.

In this setup maybe 30 annual email broadcasts. All the practicalities of the broadcast are handled by the Au2Mailer.com robot - the same goes for maintaining the mailing list - you have to create the campaigns, tell if they should be broadcast annually, quarterly, monthly, every 14 days, weekly, daily or manually and edit content and messages. The latter is the one that takes the longest time but which requires your knowledge of the industry, products, services and the benefits with you!

Our many surveys show that newsletters with offers, tips, news and tricks work best if they contain images or graphics and links. Welcome emails and teasers - which are shorter - get more interactions if they are text based but of course have links to blog articles or subpages on the website.
Campaign plans and every single email campaign:
Email with pictures and graphics is best for newsletters
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