Email marketing is effective at converting customers from potential to paying!

Everyone is receptive to good deals - many is chasing them. Most would also like to be informed. for example, read why it is a good idea to sign for a specific subscription for service of the car, rather than paying from time to time. Effective email marketing is based on a well-thought-out strategy that defines our goals. Email marketing really hits home when the content consists of a thoughtful combination of links to great deals and, online booking or ordering as well as additional information. You can find strategy inspiration here.
Why does TESCO publish a new offer newspaper every week?
That's why the department stores publish new offer newspapers every week!
- Because it gives new customers in the store
- Because it makes old customers come back
- Because customers in the store = turnover and profit
- Because it creates branding and recognition

Because it works! marketing and branding at the same time!

Yes you read that right! And that applies to all haircuts and colouring - ladies, men and children - but ONLY week 44.
30% Discount all week 44
Campaign example
Yes you read that right! But only if you book time online for week 42.
10% Discount on Wheel Change in week 42!
Winter is approaching .. therefore
Campaign example

You're not TESCO - we know that - but let's give you the same muscles! ❤

With you get an email marketing robot that creates more paying customers!
We have developed an e-mail robot for you who "only" have general IT knowledge and would prefer to work with systems that support English.

Without You typing every day, makes sure to send your emails with news, follow-up, greetings and offers to customers and leads you have created. is logically and user-friendly.

Based on the campaigns you decide according to your strategy, you choose the content from one of the many templates that's included - or you can make your own content and upload it in the System.

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One of the very unique features in that makes it a real marketing robot is the maintenance of customers and topics.

As the only platform on the market, can be managed via email! Yes you read that right! New customers and leads can be created by putting on cc in your customer response emails or by sending an email to with the customer's information.

You can also let customers & leads create themselves via your website by inserting the sign-up au2mailer link.

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Every day, the robot goes through your customers and the campaigns they are associated with and sends them the corresponding e-mail automatically and it is repeated every single day until you or the customer unsubscribes (unsubscriber)

If you have 1000 customers  and they need a monthly offer email and quarterly news email then the robot makes sure that all 16,000 emails are sent automatically. Statistically, there is a response rate of 5-9%, so in this example helps you get at least 800 "orders".

And keep in mind that it is your offer that determines the size of the deal.
See examples here of some of the email templates that can be used for free.
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