Online Marketing has unfortunately become a jungle that is perceived as opaque. That's not the case anymore! Now everyone - including Businesses and companies in the SME segment, with limited IT knowledge - can achieve better online positioning and compete on online tools! - is the online marketing platform for everyone - easy to use and profitable - even in the short term! is a Cloud-based online marketing platform, developed for the SME segment, and therefore it is extremely easy to operate, all routine tasks solve the robot.
Au2Mailer provides access to tools that make it easy to use the power of customer reviews - on the search engines and website. Smart blogging, which opens up completely new CMS opportunities and e-mail marketing, which ensures close contact with new and old customers.
Get started from $ 15.60 a month.
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Reviews (only):
Here you get access to all the profitable and user-friendly functions for maintenance, management and display of customer reviews.

- unlimited users
- unlimited number of reviews
- free e-mail support

Monthly rate $. 15.60
Monthly rate $. 15.75
Here you get access to perhaps the market's most profitable and user-friendly BLOG functions and best of all - you can be online in 30 minutes!

- unlimited users
- unlimited number of categories and blog articles
- free email support

Monthly rate $. 28,-
Review + Blogging:
You get access to all the great features within customer reviews and "your own blog" - you save 10% per month!
The complete online marketing package - you get access to all the most profitable tools:

Review + Blogging + E-mail Marketing

- unlimited number of users
- unlimited number of reviews
- unlimited number of categories and blog articles
- automatic sending of e-mail marketing campaigns
- easy import of customer data from ERP or sales systems
- your own robot for updating customer data
- access to "ready to use" e-mail templates
- the most user-friendly online marketing platform for the SME segment
- free e-mail support

Choose how many customers / topics you need to send to e-mails to:

up to 499 package price $ 63.00
up to 1,499 package price $ 95.25
up to 2,999 package price $ 127.00
unlimited package price $ 158.50

more about Review management >>
more about Smart Blogging >>
more about Email marketing >>
Monthly rate $. 65.00
All prices are net. Read more in the subscription terms.
Behind Email Marketing:
- No limit in number of e-mail sendings.
- Select number of customers (up to 499, 1499, 2999 or unlimited)
- Create your own templates or choose one of the included ones.
- Create new customers via self-service and links.
- Easy and logical user interface for operation - in English.

More technique:
- All data is stored in MYSQL and MariaDB databases.
- Finished API scripts for php (WordPress), java, asp and .net.
- Easy-to-understand documentation for integration.
Behind Review Marketing:
- Unlimited number of reviews
- Unlimited number of sources (Facebook, Trustpilot, etc.)
- Smart APIs for retrieving and viewing data.
- Create your own web page for entry in 30 minutes.
- Easy and logical user interface for operation - in English.

Behind Smart Blogging:
- Unlimited number of blog articles.
- Unlimited number of blog categories - multilingual.
- Each blog article has its own title, meta and keywords.
- Show the blog on your own website via API call or Iframes or
- Link to your hosted and "ready to use" blog at
The Best Online Marketing Platform and the Best Support:
The Au2Mailer platform has English interface, English online help and free email support. We respond within 24 hours on all weekdays.

Start your new online marketing robot - you're up and running in less than 30 minutes!

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