Finally, online marketing tools that everyone - especially the SME segment - benefit greatly from.

Au2Mailer is a Danish online marketing platform! Interntional interface and support. The platform, which the SME segment across most of the world has welcomed because it works, pays off in a short time and is incredibly easy to use. Anyone - including those with limited IT knowledge - can get started with Email Marketing, Review Marketing and Smart Blogging.
Get started in record time and experience that old customers start shopping again, that there are brand new customers in the store and that communication to customers is strengthened and thus also their loyalty to your business. can be used in all industries that want to work with customer ratings, send offers, news, tips and tricks by email as well as increase traffic on the search engines with their own blog.
It requires a few clicks and you are up and running with - start or read more under subscription. If you need inspiration for an online strategy, find inspiration here.

Online marketing is all about getting more paying customers.

but, how do you get it?
you are on the right track!

Three methods within online marketing that are guaranteed to pay off!

au2mailer creates online results for your business
Even three star reviews have worth like "gold"!
If your online marketing is to deliver results, you need to start growing customer reviews as soon as possible. Get customers to rate their experience and show them online. And preferably in Google and Bing's search results.

It is called Review management has become easy with The included scripts make it easy and fast to create a page where customers can give their rating and easily ask Google to show them. In fact, it's never been easier. Most get started on their own, completely without professional assistance!
"The" Three in one marketing platform...
Email marketing draws customers like a magnet
three star reviews are better than none - show them anyway
Here you get the online marketing platform with the biggest ROI!
Overall, Au2Mailer is the most profitable online marketing platform if you have a business in the SME segment and want to strengthen your online positioning. The platform is offered in subscription form, no set-up, no start-up fees and you buy one month at a time.

Email marketing, Review Management and Smart Blogging - all Cloud based and a SaaS solution so YOUR business can be online and up and running with the effective online marketing tools in just 30 minutes!
your own book provides magic seo
E-mail marketing, in all its simplicity, involves sending offers, news, tips, tricks and contests by e-mail. The content can be text as when we write it in our e-mail system or it can be as html with images and graphics.
Here are some examples of how email marketing is really effective for:

The sale starts on June 22 - make an e-mail with some of the good offers and send it out the week before June 22. This gives all registered customers a VIP invitation and you are sure to queue on the day.

The car workshop wants customers to change wheels a certain week. Send an email with an invitation where they get a special discount on wheel change and let send it out.

Email marketing is about sending messages to registered customers so that they are informed and retained as customers. Most things happen completely automatically and without you having to spend a lot of time!
online marketing as retailer in shoe, fashion and sport
online marketing as a veterinarian
online marketing automobiles
online marketing hair dresser
Read how becomes the online marketing platform in various industries such as:
Clothes, shoes and sports shops
online marketing in the legal profession
online marketing undertakers and funeral homes
Undertaker and funeral homes
The need for online positioning has never been greater and the new behavioral trends - including ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline) can only be met by using all the profitable online tools. You can read more about ROPO here.
A Blog is "smart thinking" and can create real SEO magic!
The blog module in Au2Mailer has been developed with the purpose of giving EVERYONE the opportunity to write articles - new web pages - and display them in cyberspace immediately.
Write a post or article, attach a headline, a title, an image and it's online right after you click save. Your Blog can be online immediately hosted with Au2Mailer or you can create two new pages on your own website and copy the finished scripts. The search engines love "blogs" and makes sure that your Blog gets the seo optimization that gives lots of views on the search engines!

Here you get the recipe, which in a short time gives online results and it only has three magical ingredients!

There are three paths to customers' hearts online and they have all been strengthened under Covid 19: The first is called Email Marketing. The oldest online marketing channel but still the one with the greatest impact. In the US, over 200 Mio. have an email account they check every day and the content has NO censorship!
The other is called Review Marketing - or managing customer reviews. It has emerged within the last three years and has really shown its importance under Corona and all trends show that they both mean everything in the future!
The third and final one is called Blogging: And it is not only for influencers .. also for you in SME .. Everyone can enjoy their own Blog?
The advantage of blogging is that "blog" as part of the title, combined with the content, increases the ranking on the search engines and thus provides better SEO. Although your own blog requires maintenance, do not opt ​​out of this online marketing option!
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