Since 2015, advertising prices on social media have increased almost 100% and at the same time, restrictions have been introduced on what one may write or show. Use Au2Mailer links and scripts in your posts and ads and get more roi of your social posts investments.

Advertisements and social media ads are an important complement to effective email marketing. The benefits of postings and ads on social media can be multiplied if you also use the scripts and link packages from Au2Mailer here. And Smart Blogging makes it easy to create new landing pages, with self-service features that, for example, let the customers in the new customer club sign up and afterwards automatically receive the good offers and news emails. In fact, it is only the imagination that sets the limits and you do not have to spend time on any of it in everyday life.

How to get more out of posts and ads on social media...

start blogging and increase reponse from posts on social media
Your blog on Au2Mailer will be worth its weight in gold because you can link to it in your posts, and ads on social media - get started in under 30 minutes!
Smart Blogging with Au2Mailer provides SEO and traffic to your website from Facebook and other social media - you just have to understand how easy it really is to get more out of your posts and expensively bought ads on social media - here's the recipe!

Does a post on social media have value if it does not link to more information, booking or order?
The expert answer is no - maybe the content is read in whole or in part - but the full benefit of a post, boost or ad on social media MUST link (give the opportunity to click on) and here Smart Blogging really gets its value!

A post or ad on social media, without a link, has a limited lifespan and limited impact. And here is the link challenge for all companies within the SME segment, because where to link to? Creating new landing pages, in your CMS system or completely from scratch, requires knowledge that not everyone has and here Smart Blogging really gets its value!

Smart Blogging in Au2Mailer is smart because it offers the same capabilities as CMS just in a super user-friendly way. You do not have to think about seo, layout or setup - describe your message, what is the title, make links to pictures, write the message - all down to earth "and MS Word like" and wupti you have a landing page that you can link to from social media and thereby get the full seo value of. Much easier than creating a new page in a CMS system!
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