A blog can be used for many things and is the fastest way you can get news, info, tips, tricks and offers online!

With a blog you can make newsletters, info articles but also offers and get it online immediately. Much easier and faster than via a CMS system. And with the right titles, meta descriptions and inline links, the pages are quickly captured by the search engines. Start by taking a free look at our blog about blogging - here you will find lots of inspiration for what a blog can also be used for.

Create your blog on your own website and web server and display live data via Au2Mailer API features

Want to host your blog on your own web server?
Then you need to construct two landing pages on your website. One that acts as a blog overview and one that shows each blog article. And it's easy via au2mailer's API facilities.

There are three API features you can use:
This API returns a list in JSON format, with the blog categories you have created in Au2Mailer. See here how they appear at the top of the page as a menu.

This API returns a list in JSON format, with blog articles. Default is all blog articles but the API can also be called with a category parameter so it only returns a specific category.

This API returns a concrete blog article with images and text in JSON format, which can be displayed on the blog page itself. You can see an example here.

The advantage of hosting the blog on your own web server is that your own website gets full seo benefits. You can really achieve good seo results as the APIs return <Title> and <Meta> you can use as parameters and thereby just have one page to display the blog articles.

A blog can serve many purposes and yield different results. You can create a category titled "Offers" and design the articles with quote text and prices. If you then use the blog overview and only show the offer category, then you have a landing page which rightly seo can get many views and good ranking on Google and Bing.

The category could also be "questions & answers" and each blog title could be frequently asked questions and the blog content could be the answer, tips and tricks, It loves the search engines.

A blog opens up many possibilities!
How to link your Au2Mailer blog data to your own website and web server.
With iframes it is incredibly easy but...
Well there are doubts about the use of Iframes in terms of seo! But if you want to get started with Blogging on your own website very quickly, here's the recipe!

Au2Mailer.com has three scripts you can use as a reference url in Iframes and they are all responsive:

au2mailer.com/ready/iframe-get-blog-category-us.asp?apikey={your apikey}
The script should be called with your subscription apikey and returns this Iframe.

au2mailer.som/ready/iframe-get-blog-list-us.asp? apikey = {your apikey}
The script must be called with your subscription apikey and return this Iframe.

au2mailer.com/ready/iframe-get-blog-us.asp?apikey={blog apikey}
The script must be called with apikey for the blog that is to be displayed and the result can look like this.

In the Au2Mailer.com setup (My Data), enter the url of your new blog listing page and your new blog viewing page. These page names are automatically used by Au2Mailer.com for reference in all three scripts.

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