Au2Mailer contains a revolutionary robot, which does all the technical and time-consuming work of e-mail marketing and thus this fantastic online marketing tool becomes possible for everyone - even you with limited IT knowledge .. remember you sign up for a subscription that can be canceled with a card Notice - Make yourself and your business experience how online marketing can really increase the revenue.

The robot is really brilliant! It makes it easy to add new and maintain existing customer data to mailing lists, manually, via email or link building. The robot works 24/7/365 to update and send the email campaigns you have asked it to send and it all happens automatically. All GDPR regulations are complied with - you can concentrate on writing selling content and inserting images that give readers an appetite to read more and buy!

The Au2Mailer robot updates your mailing list and sends out your email campaigns..all automatically

You can not believe it until you have tried!
Everyone who uses e-mail marketing today knows that customer data (mail list) must be updated and imported into the mail system and it is a time killer and difficult if you do not have IT knowledge. With Au2Mailer, everyone can participate - the salespeople, the reception, the bookkeeping - yes everyone - just send an email from the office mailsystem in use and..
The robot can be controlled via emails from you and your colleagues. Every hour, new topics are automatically added and via link building, those who want to unsubscribe are automatically unsubscribed and you can follow who unsubscribes in Au2Mailer.

The Au2Mailer robot is sensational, saves manual time and enables everyone in the SME segment to take advantage of the many benefits of email marketing.
The profitable recipe for online marketing has three ingredients:
-> email marketing + review marketing + smart blogging - they work individually and together they will return more customers and give your business a significantly better visibility and positioning online.
the robot takes over - it updates the customer data in the mailing list. It is no longer necessary to import lists, check of duplicates or who takes care of the data discipline!

What is email marketing and why is the payoff so great? read more in our blog or ask your questions and get personal answers.
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