Self-service is the future - and Corona lockdown 2020 has only cemented the behaviors that characterize the future. Never has integration been so necessary and easy! gives you scripts and links you can easily integrate and thereby make the website dynamic, interactive - ready for the future!

Sign up for newsletters, collect customer reviews, customer club sign up, book time for ... - it has all become easier and something everyone can practice even you completely without IT knowledge. Paste the templates, scripts or links that come with or send them to your website provider. Drag and drop - click and paste - in a few minutes the website can be made alive, efficient and even save you manual time. Give customers what they want …

How to get more self-service on your website and get it ready for the future...

Make your website dynamic and interactive.
Create a new page in the CMS system and link to the script for customer reviews. When customers fill out the form, data is sent to, which saves the rating.

The smart thing is that all saved customer reviews can be easily displayed in a carousel, accumulated in the search results on the search engines or detailed on your website.
It's all made easy - copy-paste - someone calls it the market's easiest review plugin!
How to get started in less than 20 minutes...
Keep IT simple is the common thread throughout and therefore you will be amazed at how easy it is to implement self-service features on your website.

The platform's user-friendly online help guides completely without the use of technical terms and under [My data] in system, most links are completed and just  needs to be inserted in the right places on your website to work!
Consumers love self-service!
In fact, most people would rather serve themselves - if they can - and therefore "online" as a concept has exploded under Corona!

Self-service does not have to be an online store with product catalog and online payment. Self-service is also forms with [Booking], [Registration], [Want to know more then click] - these interactions must be collected and result in feedback and here the link and script facilities in Au2Mailer are ingenious.

When a customer wants to join the customer club and has entered their information in the form, you link the button to which creates the customer and sends a welcome email - completely automatically. And every time there are new membership offers, the robot makes sure that they are also sent to the new members.
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