Do you want to show customer reviews in the search results on Google and Bing as well as on your website, thereby creating the enhanced confidence that makes customers interact?

Review management is a plugin in that makes it easy to get started with customer reviews. You get ready-made scripts that can be inserted on your website and open up for customers to submit their rating. The ratings are stored and managed centrally and the accumulated ratings can be inserted via scripts on other pages and displayed in the Google search result or on a website, thereby strengthening new customers' trust in your products and services. Remember consumers are spending more and more time reading other people's experiences to reduce their own risk of being scammed!

Get more customer reviews and show them online - they are a magnet and attract many new customers online.

Get your own customer page for typing in ratings
Create a new rating page that customers can use to rate your business. For example, put a small invitation by linking at the bottom of your electronic invoice and getting customers to tell others about their experience.
You can create a new page or insert the accompanying link into an iframe on an existing one.
You get all the technicalities on a silver platter and can get started completely without IT knowledge.
When your customers click submit, the rating is automatically saved and displayed in the accumulated views on Google and Bing. EVERYTHING is automated and you never have to think about customer reviews again!

Get more details in our blog.
Customer reviews - even three stars - provide enough trust and make us new potential customers to click, order, book or just read more!
Start with a landing page where customers can give their ratings.
manage all your reviews online
Automate customer reviews from Google, Facebook and Trustpilot, etc. and display accumulated ratings.
The REVIEW module in Au2Mailer is incredibly easy to use. Here, the reviews that your customers have created themselves are collected and displayed, but you can also enter directly!

For example, you can enter and update your customer ratings from Facebook or Trustpilot - individually or accumulated. Make it a habit to update every month and you are sure that your business's overall ratings are current.

The reviews can be divided into Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Trustpilot reviews and "own web page" reviews. They can be seen and displayed individually and accumulated.
Get the ratings in the Google search results.
google søgeresultater
Au2Mailer generates a script (code) to be inserted in the <Header> of the web pages you want the customer ratings to appear on.

The next time Google indexes - remember you can request an indexing - the code and customer ratings will be evaluated and displayed in the search results.

It is Google who decides what they show, but if your page is informative and maybe you have chosen pages that already rank well, then the ratings will be shown as in the example on the left.

You must enter the code yourself but only once. Then the script automatically updates with new ratings when Google re-indexes. Too easy to be true?

You can try the script for free.
You easily copy the included link to your own website and the carousel with your ratings is displayed and always with the latest ratings and customized to the size of the device.
And on your website - easy and functional.
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