E-mail marketing is the most effective tool for acquiring new paying customers, selling more to existing ones and staying in touch.

251.8 Mio. Americans use e-mail every month and 85% read daily. There are no restrictions on the content of e-mail campaigns and the fact is that they work. If you have a good offer and send it in an e-mail campaign, you will receive a response. Email marketing is the most lucrative channel for the big retail chains.
But today - and in particular during Corona lockdowns - e-mail marketing has also proved its worth in the battle to maintain customer contact and that is as important as getting new ones. In 2020, measurements show that the simple e-mail in text form gets more openings than those with lots of pictures and links. Better to send two or three short text emails with information or offers than a long html email with lots of pictures.

E-mail marketing will quickly convert leads into paying customers.

It's all about one thing: Get more paying customers in your business!
And here, e-mail marketing has always been most effective and even cheapest. And unlike social media, there are no restrictions on messages or content. "The Law of Marketing in your country"  applies - not the law of Facebook or Google!

You probably even get e-mail ads from some of the big chains and gasoline companies and they use email marketing because it works. It makes current customers buy more and acquires new ones.

At the same time, e-mail marketing ensures that contact with customers is maintained.
Why is email marketing not a channel everyone uses?
Because the common email marketing platforms require more knowledge of IT and email marketing than the average among SMEs have.
Au2Mailer.com stands out from everything we know about email marketing platforms because:

The mailing lists can be maintained without login and import.
+ All user interfaces are in Danish and simple and logically structured.
+ A built-in robot does all the routine completely automatically.
+ Your website forms can link to Au2Mailer.com.
+ The platform is a 100% SaaS solution in subscription form.
+ There is no binding or start-up fee.
+ You can get started in less than 30 minutes.
+ Everyone can be with you too without IT knowledge.

Your existing customer data can be imported or entered. New customers or topics can be added to the mailing list via intelligent email function or via links from your website.

Customers and topics can be subscribed to several campaigns - such as newsletters, customer clubs or brands. There are no restrictions.

You can freely use the many included e-mail templates within different industries or you can upload your own. You can send out series of e-mail campaigns - such as follow-up emails.

The promotions can be set up for broadcast manually, daily, weekly, every 14 days, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. The built-in robot automatically sends all non-manual campaigns - do not touch a finger!
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