Are you considering opening an online store next to the physical store? Or do you want to make your business more visible online and become better at keeping in touch with your customers? Here is the online marketing platform that EVERYONE benefits from!

Corona lockdown showed that many retail stores lack online visibility and marketing tools to keep in touch with customers. Therefore, many made "firefighting" with auctions etc. on social media - all a desperate attempt to retain customers and create more sales.

Au2Mailer is a Danish developed online marketing platform, which was created under Corona. It enables everyone to succeed online. There are no requirements for IT knowledge, the user interface is logical and simple and the revolutionary robot makes online marketing an easy game that gives results in a short time.

The price of a subscription starts at $15.60 per month and there are no start-up costs and no binding.

How Online Marketing Gives More Loyal Paying Customers In Retail!

Remember that the website is your online showcase
Customer reviews are a magnet and attract new customers
How does retailing succeed online?
The website is important because it is the showcase on the internet but unfortunately many owners of physical stores do not get to care for this important online window as they take care of the store's physical showcase!

This is because most retailers are good, really good, at the profession, customer advice and people but know very little about IT and marketing. It is for you that we have developed Au2mailer - the online marketing platform that makes it possible for everyone - regardless of background - to become really visible on the web and position themselves as the big ones in retail chains do!
One of the most important things in retail is the display of customer reviews - because they create credibility! Remember, even though we are loyal consumers, we are constantly on the lookout or just curious. And why should one choose you and not a competitor? It is your customer reviews that help to decide and therefore you must "cultivate" them. Collect them, display them on the website and in the search results on the search engines. But how does retailer do it when it does not know much about IT?

The Review Marketing module in Au2Mailer is designed for you who do not know much about IT or online marketing. It costs $ 15.60 a month in subscription and makes it easy, very easy to get started. Simply create a new page where customers can give their rating of their purchase or service purchase in your store (most can be downloaded from Au2Mailer). And then you have to insert some code (which can also be downloaded ready) which is inserted on all the pages Google has to show and the magic starts - now "stars" appear in the search results on the search engines. And this whole thing is updated automatically!
You will find even more inspiration for Review Marketing in our blog.
Blog articles on the website easily provide 100% more visibility on the web
here the hairdresser gets the best online marketing tool
A blog on the website can boost your online visibility by over 100%
and you do not need to know anything about IT or marketing to get started! Smart Blogging is uncomplicated with Au2Mailer and will quickly increase your visibility on the web, provide more impressions in search results and more paying customers in the store.

Although your website may be built in a CMS system, it is probably not yourself who makes new pages or changes? Most often because even the CMS system requires too much IT knowledge to operate? Let's return to your showcase on the internet because with the blog module in Au2Mailer you will become a world champion in creating new pages on the web because now it's easy.

A blog article can be used for newsletters, tips, tricks but also offers. And the search engines love blog articles. Remember a paper advertisement lives on until it is thrown in the bin an online advertisement lives on forever and will eventually gain more and more new customers. The blog module costs only $15.75 per month and if you choose both - Review and Smart blogging - they cost a total of $28.60 per month.
And of course you need to get a Sign up for our newsletter form on the website as soon as possible and link it to Au2Mailer. Then new potential customers are automatically added to the mail list and will receive newsletters, tips, tricks and invitations to events such as VIP sales, Late Night and Black Friday.
Click on the image to enlarge
Click on the image to enlarge
If you have an offer with 50% savings, send an offer email and the orders will flow in.

If you want members in the customer club, send an email and follow the registrations day by day.

An email with links to website or blog articles provides lots of new website traffic which can be read in Google Analytics.
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easy setup how you want your email campaigns sent
connect customers to email campaigns
Email marketing delivers measurable results - new customers, signups or online shopping..
EVERYONE loves great deals and that email can pass on! A really good offer is opened and read by up to 96% of the recipients.

Most would like to receive news, tips and tricks 6 times a year. Every single email - whether it is an offer or news - helps to keep in touch with the business's customers and thereby maintain them.
E-mail marketing is better at keeping in touch than social media...
There has been strict censorship and restrictions on social media and therefore it is no longer allowed to use an Adidas logo anymore. You can also not decide the content yourself - they will approve it first! You can write exactly what is right for your messages in the email campaigns and historically they are read by 62% of the recipients.
Email marketing increases the organic traffic to your website.
Content and offers in e-mail marketing are without censorship - the "Marketing Act" applies here...
Email marketing is the oldest online tool but still the best for keeping in touch, reactivating and gaining new customers for the retail stores!
Au2Mailer is the user-friendly and profitable Danish developed email marketing platform, which can be operated without IT knowledge. choose from built in e-mail templates
Read the systems "Get started" and you are Online in 60 minutes!
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