As a veterinarian or animal hospital, do you need to hold on to your current customers and at the same time position yourself in front of the many new pet owners who have joined Corona?

You have definitely had a website as a veterinarian for many years and maybe it all seemed ok or what? The website is important - the most important thing in your online marketing - but be careful it does not become static - it must be developed, expanded with new exciting articles that capture the many new animal owners who have joined.

Here, a Blog is a great tool because it allows you to create new subpages without knowing anything about html or cms. A blog requires that you, as a veterinarian, write content about what you are world champion in - Au2Mailer ensure all the technical incl. seo.

A lot of families have got pets for the first time during Corona and they will all need a vet at some point!

How does the small and medium veterinary clinic succeed online?
the vet's website is important
The most important thing on the web is the vet's website and its subpages. This is where pet owners need to find the information and security that determines which vet they choose - even if your practice is old and reputable. Remember many of the new pet owners have to choose a vet for the first time!

The website is the vet's "showcase" on the web and it should have at least as much - preferably more - attention as the reception and waiting room in the clinic. New and old pet owners love their pets and therefore security is everything.
Veterinarians need to show their customer reviews because it provides more new customers
Review - stars on Google and Bing
Therefore, one of the most important things for a veterinarian website is to show his customer ratings - because even three stars provide more security for all the new animal owners than none. All pet owners - even the old ones - have had a bad vet experience or they will need a vet with a specialty and therefore online marketing, visibility and positioning means everything and therefore your website and its content may be more important than you realize!

The search for a vet starts on Google or Bing and therefore it is important that the customer reviews are visible on the search engines. But how does the vet get it without buying into IT expertise?

The Review Marketing plugin in Au2Mailer is designed for you who do not know much about IT or online marketing. It only costs $ 15.60 a month in subscription and makes it easy, very easy to get started. You need to create - or have created - a new page on your website where customers can give their rating of their visit (most can be downloaded from And then you have to insert some code (which can also be downloaded ready) which is inserted on all your websites and wupti, now customer ratings are included in the search result on the search engines. And this whole thing is updated automatically!
Here you will find even more inspiration for Review Marketing.
blogging is one of many important tasks as vetenarian
Story telling, news, tips and tricks on the website increase credibility and strengthen the security new pet owners are looking for...
and again, you do not need to know anything about IT or marketing! Smart Blogging is uncomplicated with Au2Mailer and you will quickly use the api blog instead of the cms system to create new subpages on your website.

Blogging has taken on a whole new meaning with Au2Mailer because now it is extremely easy to get started and easy to make new articles about eg symptoms and what to be aware of with your new puppy and so on. Pet owners love it but so do search engines. You will quickly - within 3 months - experience a significantly greater traffic on the web, generated via the blog and therefore it is an important element in the online marketing of a veterinarian practice.

Even though your website is probably already built in a CMS system, it's probably not you who maintains it? That will be the case with Au2Mailer because then you ONLY need to write about what you know all about and can leave html, css etc. to the platform. And it really is that easy!
pick a prebuild email template or upload your own
Au2Mailer is the user-friendly and profitable e-mail marketing platform, which can be operated without IT knowledge. The best for the SME segment
Retain your current customers...
A quarterly - and even better monthly - news e-mail, helps to maintain contact and maintain your current animal friends and with our online marketing recipe, you "just" have to write about what you are best at!
Email marketing is a structured distribution of e-mail news, tips, tricks and offers - what in the old days was called Direct Marketing. Au2Mailer is your personal email marketing robot, which ensures that you maintain contact with your customers.
choose how often to sendout
Maybe you have over 1,000 customers in your database but have you checked if they are all active?
Everyone loses customers over time - can it be due to a bad experience? or because a competitor has been better at communicating online marketing than you?

Let the robot send an emotionally charged email which increases the chance of winning back lost customers even those who have changed supplier.
Restart lost customers...
New paying customers.
If you are posting on social media then make sure that each post has a link that allows you to sign up for your newsletter and links to your new blog. You will be amazed at how many new customers it provides.

The link package that comes with Au2Mailer can be used in postings on social media and ensure that customer data is collected in one place and that it is followed up. The result will be many more new paying customers.
Click on the image to enlarge
Click on the image to enlarge
Email marketing is the oldest online tool and the best way to stay in touch, reactivate and acquire new customers at the vets!
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The review marketing module costs only $ 15.60 per month in subscription, the same goes for the Smart Blogging module and if you order both, you get them for 1 under $ 30 per month. If you want to take advantage of the full online marketing package and include email marketing, then the price starts at $ 63 a month if you have 499 customers you want to send emails to. Read more about the attractive subscription prices here
connect customers and email campaign
Read the system's "get started" and you'll be on the air in 60 minutes!
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