Here you get the recipe and access to the three most profitable online marketing tools and you can start in minutes! The three most powerfull and profitable tools are: E-mail Marketing, Review Marketing and Blogging ...
Historically, all three tools have been widely used in the large companies with their own IT and marketing department. With Au2Mailer, the SME segment can - participate and compete with the big ones. Yes, you can even get started very quickly!

E-mail marketing is the best online channel to acquire new customers and stay in touch with existing ones. Much more rewarding than social media because:
- there is no censorship. You can almost write what you want, advertise for brands, make competitions, it is almost only the imagination that sets the limits.
e-mail can create interactions via links.
- cpc (cost per click) is cheaper than paid ads and boost on social medias. Broadcasts can be structured and automated.
- e mail gives higher response than posts.

Review marketing or review management - using customer reviews in marketing - became a serious concept under corona, where online commerce exploded. It's about getting ratings and recommendations from customers and displaying them on the website and in Google search results. Why has it become so important?
Because consumer behavior has moved online and most people are booking or shopping without physical contact. But they try not be cheated and in that selection process they are looking for the experiences and recommendations of others. The easier it is to find the reviews the better and therefore it is a plus if one can show an overall result from Google, trustpilot and the social media on the website and especially in the Google search result itself.

Blogging has historically been related to something fancy for young people who wanted to promote, for example, a beauty product.
During Corona - throughout 2020 - the blog tool has shown that it can be used commercially in all industries and even save time for developing new landing pages. A Blog can be used to inspire, tell news, give tips and tricks as well as promote offers.
A Blog is a great magnet for potential customers and the search engines love the Blog if it is optimally seo optimized. The seo optimized blog with useful (inspiring, current, informative) content provides lots of hits and views on the search engines and is seen by many new potential customers. Blog articles are a bit like posting on social media - the effect is just better: there is no censorship of the content and it appears for a long time. Yes in fact it will be displayed more and more as time goes on because Google saves the number of the impression and uses it for better ranking.

Copy this recipe and succeed online - start your own firework of online marketing!

Need online results?

for everyone including you with limited IT knowledge! which quickly gives online results convert leads into customers which accelerate your profits

for everyone including you with limited IT knowledge! which quickly gives online results convert leads into customers which accelerate your profits

for everyone including you with limited IT knowledge! which quickly gives online results convert leads into customers which accelerate your profits

Showing customer ratings gives faster SEO results

Customer reviews injection

84% of all consumers will start their search for products and services online in 2021. They are looking for the right product but then they are looking for credibility! This plugin makes it easy to maintain and display your customer review stars dynamically in the search results and on your website!
about the Review plugin revolutionizing
Digitization requires self-service on your website!
Read how easy you get started! >>
How to get self-service on your website?
Be smart! When a potential customer wants to be contacted or sign up, from the website, let it happen via a link package you get included. Make your website interactive, get new customers saved automatically in maling lists and followed up with your future e-mail campaigns!
can I get higher benefits from posting on social media?
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there are not many blogging plugins for windows servers?
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Easily use the included link package in your social media ads so that readers, who interact, automatically are saved and will recieve your future e-mail campaigns.
Yes you got it right! Starting your own blog has never been so easy - you can go live with your own hosted blog in less than 30 minutes!
You can also create your blog on your own website using the ready-made scripts - it takes a maximum of one hour!
Increase profit from boosted postings on Social medias..
Start Blogging in less than 30 minutes ...

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing quickly brings new paying customers
Your very own e-mail marketing robot that provides more paying customers and more sales to the current ones.
The robot can read your reply e-mails and automatically maintain your mailing lists!
Each night, the robot sends the current e-mail campaigns to the subscribers.
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