The automotive business gets extra benefits from an email marketing platform!

Most cars must have winter wheels on in the autumn, summer wheels on in the spring, cooler and air conditioning systems checked before the holiday and many car owners are considering signing service and repair agreements in subscription form. And everyone in the car industry is talking about it! Au2Mailer is the perfect email marketing platform for the automotive industry whether you have a workshop or car sales. Get inspired by the many email templates you can freely use in the system. Templates that are professionally written by copywriters and with appetizing images. Use Au2Mailer to get started selling service and tires on subscription!

How online marketing provides more paying customers in the automotive industry!

How does the small and medium car business or auto repair shop succeed online?
The business website is important
The website is important because it is the showcase on the internet and unfortunately the industry does not get customized this important online window as it tends to the business physical showcase!

This is because most people in the car industry are good, really good, at cars, customer advice and the professional but know very little about IT and marketing. That is why we have developed - the online marketing platform that makes it possible for everyone - regardless of background - to become really visible on the web and position themselves as the big ones in the industry do!
The auto industry needs to show its customer reviews because it provides more new customers
Review marketing creates safety in potential customers
One of the most important things on a website, in the automotive industry, is the display of customer reviews. More and more consumers are starting their search on Google both in terms of buying a new or used car but also if the current one needs to be repaired. And should they choose you or a competitor? It is your customer reviews that help to decide and therefore you must "cultivate" them. Collect them, display them on the website and in the search results on the search engines. But how does the car industry do it when it does not know much about IT?

The Review Marketing module in is designed for you who do not know much about IT or marketing. It only costs $ 15.60 a month in subscription and makes it easy, very easy to get started. You need to make - or get made - a new page where customers can give their rating of the car purchase or visit to the workshop (most can be downloaded from And then you have to insert some code (which can also be downloaded ready) on all your websites and the magic starts! Now customer ratings are included in the search result on the search engines. And this whole setup is updated automatically!
You will find even more inspiration for Review Marketing here.
Smart Blogging is the CMS system of the future
A blog on the website can boost your online visibility by over 100%
and again, you do not need to know anything about IT or marketing! Smart Blogging is uncomplicated with Au2Mailer and will quickly increase your visibility on the web, provide more impressions in search results and more paying customers.

Even though your website is probably already built in a CMS system, it is probably not yourself who makes new pages or corrections? Most often because even the CMS system requires too much IT knowledge to operate. Let's return to your showcase on the internet because with the blog module in Au2Mailer you will become a world champion in creating new pages on the web because it's so easy.

A blog article can be used for newsletters, tips, tricks but also offers. And the search engines love blog articles. A paper advertisement lives until it is thrown in the trash an online article lives on forever and the fact is that over time it will continue to gain more and more new customers. The blog module costs $15.75 per month and if you choose Review and Smart blogging they cost a total of $28.60.
connect customers to the campaigns your want to send them
pick a email template or upload your own
Au2Mailer is the user-friendly and profitable Danish email marketing platform, which can be operated without IT knowledge.
Keep your current customers...
Although Corona lockdown must be considered a unique phenomenon, many have lost customers because they have not had systems to keep customer contact.
Email marketing is a structured distribution of e-mail news, tips, tricks and offers - what in the old days was called Direct Marketing. Au2Mailer is your personal email marketing robot, which ensures that you maintain contact with your customers.
scedule the sendings
Maybe you have over 1.000 customers in your database but have you checked if they are all active?
Everyone loses customers over time - can it be due to a bad experience also because a competitor has been better at communicating in marketing than you?

Let the robot send an emotionally charged email which increases the chance of winning back lost customers even those who have changed supplier.
Restart sales to any lost customers...
Get more new paying customers.
The e-mail marketing robot can be set to follow up, completely automatically, on the inquiries you receive from the car portals. The same applies if potential customers sign up for your newsletter.

The link package that comes with Au2Mailer can also be used in postings on social media and ensure that customer data is collected in one place and that it is followed up. The result will be many more new paying customers.
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Click on the image to enlarge
E-mail marketing is the oldest online tool and the best way to stay in touch, reactivate lost customers and acquire new ones in the automotive industry!
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We are happy to appoint a partner who specializes in digitization of the automotive industry and where is part of their setup. If you want personal advice, sparring or buying help with your online marketing, click here.
Read the system "Get started" and you are online in 60 minutes!
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